Drink Better Wine, Beer and Spirits at Post Road Liquors

Post Road Liquor is a family owned liquor and fine wine retail store located at Havre De Grace, MD. We carry the best collection of domestic and international wines, as well as higher end spirits and craft beers.

You have a gathering and want to impress your guests with exotic drinks but don’t know how? Easy! Just come to Liquors Store and our friendly and professional staff will suggest a few options for you.

First of all, you need to know your guests. You can get a bottle of wine, a bottle of liquor, or a package of beer. What if you don’t know them all? Don’t worry; we will get you covered with our variety of drinks at an incredible price.



Wine is a drink that has become very popular over the last decades. It is like that best friend who always is there whenever you need it. A bottle of wine will never go wrong at a night out with your friends or in a barbecue at the back yard of your house. For the most part, wine is served at reunions, so people can enjoy not only chatting with their friends or colleagues but also pleasing their taste buds. However, for drinking wine you don’t have to make a reunion.You can order a pizza and enjoy it with a glass of wine in company of someone or by yourself.



Whether is the end of the week or the end of your work day, one always needs something to drink. Therefore we never lack of beer’s supply. Our coolers are always packed with enough of the most extended collection of craft, draft, and domestic and imported beers you will ever see.


Since drinking alcohol has become an important social role in American culture, we did not want to stay behind. Our wine and spirit store is supplied with most of the different types of spirits such as Whiskey, Rum, Bourbon, Vodka and Tequila, so our customers can be up to date with all the liquors of the moment.


Contact us at 410-939-0990 or visit us at 1123 Revolution St # 1, Havre De Grace, MD 21078 for specific dates of wine and liquor tastings. Or just click on Post Road Liquor for more info. You will not regret it.

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